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MERO-SCHMIDLIN is one of the world’s leading designers and suppliers of bespoke building envelopes for high profile buildings. Specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of structure and cladding for roofs, facades, curtain walls, rainscreens, canopies, towers and atria, in a wide range of materials, most predominately steel and glass.

Specialising in complex geometry, we use state of the art 3D design and manufacturing processes to produce the stunning structure and cladding that defines the building and sets it apart from the rest. As the original inventors of spaceframe technology, MERO-SCHMIDLIN is constantly developing our system solutions. The Company is able to offer a multitude of spaceframe systems for creating long span structures with minimal support, as well as offering fully bespoke non-system steel, aluminium and timber structures and cladding.

Big or small, MERO-SCHMIDLIN has a solution that’s ideally matched to your requirement.

data centre flooring by MMR in Saudi Arabia


Global leader in data center containment solutions

Tate has been an industry leading global provider of innovative next generation solutions for raised access floor, structural ceilings, and data center containment solutions.

Its high-end architectural finishes allow commercial buildings to create a signature style while maintaining the sustainability, high-performance, and long-term return on investment advantages associated with a flexible and adaptive raised access floor. Tate’s custom manufacturing capabilities and innovative line of products allow data centers an optimized floor-to-ceiling solution.

Global leader in data center containment solutions

Creating the Perfect Data Center Environment

The modern data center environment needs to be a highly adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to client, organizational and technological changes – all while being cost-effective in both construction and operation.

The inclusion of an access floor system, pre-designed structural ceiling grid and aisle airflow containment in your data center are needed to address the demands of today’s ever evolving data centers while still meeting the everyday needs of its users in a secure and reliable environment.

Creating the Perfect Data Center Environment

Benefits these solutions offer to data centers


Enhanced cooling capabilities and control.


Accommodate a range of cooling solutions while increasing efficiency and heat load capacities.


Easily incorporate redundant cooling with a single or multiple cooling strategies.


Flexibility to incorporate the most energy efficient design opportunities for cooling data centers.


Easily adapt to technological and client changes over the data center’s life-cycle at low cost.


Significantly reduce the cost and speed of facility construction.