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Smart Maintenance Approach

MMR specializes in bringing together hardware, software, analytics and ongoing services to ensure your vital applications run continuously, perform optimally to ensure the growth of your business.

Guarantee the continuity to your business activities with a service partner who stands by you throughout your critical equipment lifecycle.

From product delivery and installation to its remote and direct maintenance MMR ensures your equipment runs at optimal performance.

maintenance services by MMR KSA

Maintenance Services provided by MMR

UPS and Thermal Management

UPS and Thermal Management Preventive Maintenance protects your core’s Critical Infrastructure with a single service partner. Our factory trained Customer Engineers grant you an immediate reaction and help in preventing unexpected shutdown. Our optimised equipment and system operations increase infrastructure lifetime by tuning and upgrading the system based on the actual application.

UPS and Thermal

DC Power Preventive Maintenance

DC Power Preventive Maintenance allows you to proactively detect any emergency repairs with regular inspections of your network infrastructure. This maximizes uptime as potential issues are identified and corrected before they lead to a critical failure. DC Power Maintenance also ensures maximized operational efficiency of business-critical equipment and allows setting a predictable maintenance budget and minimizes costly ‘reactive’ emergency repairs.

DC Power Preventive

Industrial Preventive Maintenance

Industrial Preventive Maintenance allows you to take important steps to safeguard your infrastructure’s continuity because downtime can be costly, particularly in large-scale, critical operations. MMR’s services gives you access to extensive spare parts inventory ensuring repairs and replacement services are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Industrial Preventive

Generators Preventive Maintenance

Generators Preventive Maintenance provides a range of proven standard service packages which can be tailored to virtually every specific customer requirement is available.

Generators Preventive

24x7 technical support

Our engineers provide 24×7 technical support and alarm escalation processes based on the application needs with extensive technical knowledge, experience and commitment to safety grant a steady delivery of services both in a routine and in an emergency situation.