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Simple. Efficient. Reliable.

With the expansive data traffic growth in the IT world, pre-fabricated data centers connect users and larger data centres to ease the overwhelming IT loads.

MMR offers data center cooling solutions and deploys modular pre-fabricated data centres with flexible power and cooling designs, quick deployment and scalable capacity for implementation anywhere.

The all-in-one design not only provides a one stop shop for customers, but also enables high system integration and reliability.

Modular pre fabricated data centre by MMR dubai

The Impact to Your Business

As the importance of IT operations continues to grow for businesses, one of the main concerns of Data Centres is operational continuity. These Data Centers require the highest availability possible to sustain mission critical functions like infrastructure power backup. This growth also amounts to an increase in data that needs to be managed and rise in energy costs. MMR’s Modular Data Centre Solutions are ideal to achieve high efficiency to ensure the total cost of ownership is lowered.

Modular UPS units are fast replacing standard UPS units as the most cost effective and energy efficient power sources today. MMR’s Modular UPS Solutions cater to power requirements for mission-critical infrastructure such as Data Centers, mid to large network equipment, and more.

MMR’s Modular and Pre-Fabricated Data Center Solutions can be applied to any Cloud, Telecom, Edge Computing and Content Delivery network.

Modular Pre-Fabricated Data Centre

Modular power supply units use less energy of all standalone UPS units, and therefore cost the least to power and maintain over time, even at the high-load levels of power needed to support networks and Data Centers. Another core feature of these Modular solutions is flexibility. Depending on your requirements, systems can be easily scaled up as per the increase in demand.

Quick and easy deployment

Fully modularized, flexible and scalable within weeks of deployment to meet the rapidly growing needs.


Curtails high energy savings, improves cooling efficiency and generates high efficiency even at lower loads.

Comprehensive Management

Sophisticated management and monitoring solutions include power, energy, assets, work orders, security, capacity management, and more.

Integrated and

Fabricated, tested, and fully configured with high portability for edge computing application. All subsystems, such as UPS, power distribution, battery, cooling, racks and more, are well integrated.