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Innovative Power Distribution System

Reliable Power Distribution is crucial with the increase in rack power density in the data center and at the network edge. 

The innovative data center power distribution system deployed by MMR, combined with rack power distribution units, not only maintain power but also challenges the IT infrastructure might face.

From basic power distribution units to monitored and switched rack power distribution units, to locking receptacles, MMR offers power distribution solution you need, as well as remote monitoring and management of your assets’ power usage to ensure everything is running at optimum performance.

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Benefits of Reliable Data Center Power Distribution System

Reliable power distribution

A reliable power distribution to critical IT equipment within a rack or cabinet.

IT equipment power

A complete view of critical IT equipment power usage, both at the rack and remote access with the ability to remotely turn on, turn off, or reboot power at each outlet.

A comprehensive view

A comprehensive view of power usage, both at the rack and remote access while continuing to provide reliable power distribution to critical IT equipment.

Fulfils the requirements

Fulfils the requirements of many applications in IT network technology, laboratories, industry and domestic areas. Available with different accessories including circuit breaker, overvoltage protection, mains filter, master-slave function, emergency stop control, fault current circuit breaker, local and remote metering.

IT infrastructure

Simplifies critical IT infrastructure deployment by allowing a single model to be installed around the world.


Flexibility to enable any rack architecture to be installed around the world regardless of the power infrastructure in place.

Outstanding features

Outstanding features such as easy rack integration and management architecture as well as optimum availability and energy efficiency.

Respond to rack

Respond to rack equipment changes and dynamic capacities by leveraging hot-swappable modular output power, hot -swappable modular communications, hot swappable modular environmental sensors and modular input power.

Provides Data Center monitoring

Provides Data Center Monitoring of equipment for companies of every size with notifications and messaging in all software versions available to meet business needs.

Providing necessary functions

Provides the necessary functions of a rack-based power distribution unit and guarantees reliable power distribution. A broad range of IT devices and other sensitive electrical loads can be connected to it.